Case Study: Local Bakery

Consider business that sells a wide variety of high-quality baked goods. Their taste is delicious. Their ingredients are fresh and healthy. And they offer busy people a moment to indulge in the freedom, relaxation and joy that comes from treating yourself to something so sweet and satisfying.

Here’s a handful of names and narratives created by Aesop.


Some of Aesop’s names use playful language and metaphors to reflect the fun, lighthearted nature of sweet treats…

Cozy Slippers

The name Cozy Slippers perfectly encapsulates the feeling of comfort and relaxation that users will experience when they purchase this offering. The words evoke the idea of curling up with something sweet and warm, while being able to enjoy it in a carefree and casual manner. The imagery of a Cozy Slipper conjures up an inviting atmosphere that appeals to customers, while also suggesting indulgence and satisfaction. Its a perfect fit for this offering, as it captures both its essence and its purpose to provide delicious treats to busy sweettooths in a way that is enjoyable.


Swallowtail is a great name for this offering because it evokes the idea of a light, delicate, and perfectly formed baked treat. It is also reminiscent of the beauty of a butterfly, which symbolizes transformation and growth. Additionally, the word “Swallowtail” has a pleasant sound that will help the product stand out among other baked goods.

Merry Bubbles

Merry Bubbles is an excellent name for this baked goods offering, as it conveys a lighthearted and enjoyable experience. Merry adds a cheerful, upbeat feeling to the name while bubbles evokes images of something bubbly and fun. The combination of the two words creates an image of an enjoyable treat that is full of life and joy. It also captures the feeling of carefree freedom that customers will associate with this offering.


Lix is the perfect name for this offering because it is an evocative word that speaks to the idea of indulging in sweet treats. It has a fun, lighthearted sound to it, which perfectly conveys the essence of the offering – delicious baked goods that provide carefree freedom and relaxation. Furthermore, Lix is distinct and memorable enough to stand out from other offerings in the baking category.

While others use wholesome, animated language to suggest the pure, energizing deliciousness of quality baked goods…


Freshen is a perfect name for this offering of baked treats because it conveys the idea of something being freshly made, full of flavor and energizing. The word reminds us of the delicious smells that come from the oven as well as the mouth-watering flavor that comes with every bite. It also speaks to being a source of refreshment and rejuvenation, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort. All in all, Freshen is an ideal name to represent this delicious offering.


Blossom is an appropriate name for this baked goods offering because it reflects the joy and happiness that comes with eating a delicious treat. The name also speaks to the freedom that customers experience when they partake in the offering, as well as the freshness of the ingredients used in each recipe. Additionally, Blossom has natural connotations of growth and development, which reflects the ambition behind creating a truly unique and remarkable baking experience.


Floweret is a great name for this baked treats offering because it conveys the image of something light and delicate, which is perfect for sweet baked goods. The word floweret evokes the idea of something beautiful and fragrant, and its subtle floral connotations are sure to bring a touch of sophistication to any dessert. Additionally, the name ‘Floweret’ is easy to remember and has a timeless quality that will ensure it stands out from other offerings in the baking category.


Frolic is the perfect name for this offering because it captures the feeling of freedom and relaxation that customers experience when they enjoy tasty treats. The word has positive connotations of fun, cheerfulness, and playfulness, which perfectly describe the carefree emotion that customers feel when they indulge in something sweet. Also, “Frolic” implies a sense of celebration and joy, which is exactly what this offering provides. This makes Frolic a great fit for this baked goods offering.

Several use immersive language to suggest a gratifying taste experience…


Mouthful is a great name for this baking offering because it perfectly captures the special and pleasurable experience of enjoying delicious baked goods. The word mouthful implies that the treats are so flavorful and enjoyable that you cant help but take a big bite. It also suggests the feeling of satisfaction that comes with eating something delicious. Additionally, it conveys a sense of indulgence, which is often associated with sweet treats. Mouthful captures all of these elements in an easy-to-remember way, making it an ideal name for this baking offering.


The name Devour is a great fit for this offering because it emphasizes the pleasure of indulging in these delicious baked goods. It captures the idea of savoring, enjoying, and celebrating the taste of something sweet and satisfying – exactly what customers are looking for when they select this offering. The word also carries a sense of urgency and immediacy suggesting customers can get the treats they crave quickly and easily. With its strong connotations, devour is sure to be an eye-catching name that will draw customers to this unique offering.


Ravenous is a great name for this baking offering because it evokes a feeling of extreme hunger and craving. This suggests that the baked goods are so delicious and irresistible that people will be left wanting more. The word also has a slightly sinister edge, hinting at something dark and mysterious, which alludes to the unique flavors and textures found in truly special baked goods.


Delectable is an excellent name for this baking offering because it perfectly encapsulates the delightful experience associated with eating delicious homemade goods. The word has connotations of something that is extremely pleasurable and irresistible, which perfectly describes the experience of eating freshly baked cakes, cookies, pies, and other homemade treats. Additionally, it implies that the baked goods are of a high quality and will be a pleasure to eat. This name implies that these baked goods are something special and will be sure to bring joy to whoever consumes them.

While a handful use language related to process and ingredients to reflect the thoughtful, deliberate approach required to bake something especially satisfying…


The name ‘Frosting’ is a perfect fit for this offering as it captures the idea of indulging in sweet treats while also conveying the idea of carefree freedom and relaxation. The name ‘Frosting’ is associated with indulgence, emphasizing that customers can enjoy a special treat without feeling guilty. Furthermore, the word not only conveys sweetness but also has connotations of luxury and sophistication. This creates an ideal combination for a bakery offering – something sweet, yet luxurious and sophisticated. All in all, frosting is an ideal name for this offering that communicates its values and promise perfectly to its target audience.


The name ‘Whiskful’ perfectly encapsulates the promise of this offering and its quality of being full of deliciousness. The combination of the words ‘whisk’ and ‘ful’ denote both the baking process and the satisfaction customers receive when they indulge in these treats. The name is fun, friendly, and memorable, making it ideal for a baked goods business that strives to deliver great taste and quick delivery. Whiskful is also a clever play on words that invokes the idea of having a full whisk at hand, which is essential in baking. all in all, Whiskful is an excellent name for this offering because it accurately portrays what it offers while being creative and catchy.


Leaven is a great name for this offering because it is a metaphor for the way that baked goods are made. Baked goods require leavening agents such as yeast, baking powder, and baking soda to make them light and fluffy. The use of leavening agents also makes baked goods rise and gives them a distinctive texture. By choosing the name ‘Leaven’, we are implying that our baked goods will be light, fluffy, and have a unique texture that sets them apart from other offerings. Additionally, the metaphor of leavening will be immediately recognizable to many people, creating an easy-to-understand connection between our product and its unique qualities.

A number use smile-inducing language to suggest something small and delightful to eat…


Tidbit is a great name for this offering because it implies something tasty and delightful. Additionally, the word Tidbit evokes a sense of smallness and delicacy, which is perfect for baked goods. Baked goods are known for being sweet and savory treats that are usually small in size, so the name ‘Tidbit’ perfectly captures the essence of what this category is all about.


Cookie is a great name for this offering because it is a familiar term that everyone can recognize. Furthermore, it evokes feelings of comfort and nostalgia, which are an essential part of the baking experience. Additionally, the name is simple and easy to remember, making it easy for customers to recall and recommend to others. Finally, Cookies are a beloved treat that’s enjoyed by people of all ages, so it’s an accessible product that can appeal to a wide variety of customers.


Nudge is a great name for this baked goods offering because it conveys the idea of a subtle but delicious flavor. It also suggests that these treats are meant to be enjoyed. The name is simple, yet memorable, and brings to mind a pleasant and inviting experience.


Treats is a great name for this offering because it conveys the idea of something enjoyable. The term Treat implies that the item being offered is something extra special and not just an everyday item, suggesting that it is something out of the ordinary that deserves to be savored and enjoyed. Additionally, the name ‘Treats’ is fun and playful, making it easy to remember and inviting to potential customers.

While others use inviting language pairings to foreshadow an irresistible variety of flavourful options…

Yummy Wares

The name ‘Yummy Wares’ is a great choice for this baked goods offering as it conveys a sense of deliciousness and warmth. it emphasizes the delightful flavors and freshness of the products. Not only does it express a feeling of satisfaction, but it also hints at a variety of tasty wares to choose from. The word Yummy also has positive connotations that are sure to capture the attention of customers, making this an ideal name for baked goods that offer wonderful taste.

Sweet Eats

Sweet Eats is a great name for this offering because it immediately conveys the idea of indulging in sweet treats. The word Sweet evokes feelings of satisfaction and joy, while the word Eats speaks to the idea of enjoying these treats. The name is fun, yet professional, which will make customers want to try out this offering. It also implies that these treats are made with quality ingredients, as a company would be unlikely to use such a title for low-quality goods. Finally, Sweet Eats offers an inviting feeling that encourages customers to come in and take a break from their daily lives.

Tasty Items

Tasty Items is a great name for this offering because it not only accurately reflects the product being offered, baked goods, but it also conveys the feeling of enjoyment and relaxation that customers can expect to experience when they use this offering. The word Tasty implies that what customers are getting is delicious and of high quality, while the word Items serves as a reminder of the variety of baked goods being offered. Together, the two words capture both the quality and variety this offering provides, making it clear to potential customers why they should choose Tasty Items.

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