How does Aesop work?

Aesop uses artificial intelligence to amplify the speed and volume of the linguistic and evaluation exercises needed to activate commercially-proven naming methodologies. Based off your inputs, Aesop identifies relevant and related language with the characteristics and conceptual ties best suited for storytelling through the specific medium of a name. Aesop’s proprietary algorithm then uses that language to construct and refine a robust list of candidates representing inputs the Aesop algorithm is highly comprehensive – often resulting in a dialogue that could fill several books the size of Oliver Twist.

Who uses Aesop?

Aesop is used by a wide range of creators – from entrepreneurs to small business professionals and in-house marketers. Even agency-naming professionals leverage the power of Aesop as a source of inspiration for their own creative journeys.

What is Aesop used for?

While Aesop is primarily used to create powerful names and the stories they tell, many users find Aesop is also a great source for finding branded and impactful language to use across their offering’s other internal and external touch points. Things like social media campaigns, advertising slogans, or internal ideation summits.

What if the URL to my favorite name is already taken?

Don’t worry, this is common. We strongly believe that powerful names should not be abandoned because the identical URL is already taken. Our URL is a great case in point. Aesop is the perfect name for us, but the URL was already taken, so we simply used namesbyaesop.com – a URL that uses a phrasal format to further clarify the nature of our offering. This is one of many workarounds to finding a meaningful and available URL to fit any name.

When should I “flag” a name?

Like all AI-infused tools, Aesop is still learning. That’s why we really want to know if you receive a name or rationale that feels like gibberish. This isn’t about whether you love, like or hate a name and its narrative (that’s what the rating function is for) – but rather if those outputs feel completely nonsensical. As if there was a glitch in the system. That’s when you throw up the flag and you can expect to hear from us about how we plan to rectify the situation.

Does Aesop support languages other than English?

Currently, Aesop supports only the English language. But stay tuned…

I can’t export my Discovery Journey or Naming Presentation. What should I do?

Let us know and we’ll look into it. Email us at: [email protected].