We democratize access to high-quality, professionally-designed names.

Almost everything related to a business needs a name. Products, services, user communities, promotions. You name it – no pun intended. But for the creator, SMB or in-house marketing specialist there was no easy, proven way to arrive at a great name time efficiently and cost-effectively.

Aesop changed that.

Our self-service platform democratizes access to the commercial power of great names by removing the cost, knowledge and logistical barriers typically surrounding their creation. Designed by our founder, Tanya Gustafson, a seasoned naming expert with decades of experience across a wide range of markets and sectors, Aesop rigorously mimics the branding industry’s best-in-class naming processes.

Producing the same gold standard product an agency delivers in person – but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

What does “gold standard product” really mean?


It means we build off your biggest ideas.

Our Discovery Journey distills your value drivers, usage experience and positioning down to their most fundamental aspects – with everything captured in the kind of language most suitable for inspiring great names. We ask you to think deeply and make some real decisions. Aesop then uses these pivotal ideas to create names designed to celebrate your offering from its most important angles.

It means we cast a wide net for language and are highly considerate about what we use to craft names.

Agencies mine thousands of words when tackling a single naming project. This is called divergent thinking. These thousands of words are then assessed across a series of objective criteria for their suitability as an input to a great name. This is called convergent thinking. And it’s this combination of divergent and convergent thinking that uncovers the names which are truly special. That’s what we do. Aesop amplifies the efficiency of the linguistic exercises inherent to divergent thinking, and the evaluation exercises inherent to convergent thinking. To produce a varied pool of purposeful, and exceptional, naming options.

It means you get names that are effective and inventive.

Names that are diverse in strategic approach – each with its own ability to help you meet certain business objectives, and all accurately reflective of your most high-impact value dimensions. Names that embody the imagination and ingenuity of creative professionals. And names that will create strong connections between you and your user community.

And it means you get the power of choice – where there are no “wrong choices”.

Did you know agencies can show clients over a hundred name candidates before they arrive at a final name? This is because your best name only reveals itself when compared and contrasted against a lot of other great options. That’s why Aesop creates over a hundred names for your offering using a range of stories, styles and constructs – exposing you to the spectrum you need to discover what works best for you and your offering’s unique constellation of needs.

And what does this leave you with?

A hard-working, high-impact name.

A name that doesn’t just “make sense”, but is strategically smart and commercially constructive.  A name that communicates a resonant story and compels the right actions. And a name that helps you gain market share by creating the kind of relevant associations and experiences that encourage people to choose your offering over the competition. 

Something to action beyond that name.

Businesses are in constant need of discerning, differentiated language to help them succeed across all areas of brand and commercial activity. The headline language and corresponding narratives that don’t get selected as your name are a great place to find inspiration for things like hashtags, R&D concepts, dynamic website copy, and internal culture initiatives.

The foundation needed to build a system of cooperative brand element.

A great name is a powerful springboard. It can bring cohesion to how everything from your verbal messaging to your visual identity gets expressed. That’s why Aesop makes sure you understand not only your name but the story behind it. The bigger narrative that can consistently be brought to life across your entire universe of communications. Enabling you to leave a crisp, singular and lasting impression on the market.

Naming Brand Strategy