Aesop has encoded in software the experience, creativity and strategic process of our founder – a real-life naming expert with two decades of experience.

In combination with world-leading AI, our proprietary algorithm unleashes our naming and storytelling specialty at scale. All while using your vision – the vision of individual creators, business owners and marketers – to drive highly tailored outcomes.

Naming Branding Discovery AI Algorithm
Naming Strategy Algorithm

We believe the future of AI lies in its ability to unleash human skill and imagination beyond the limits of human productivity.

To us, it’s not about AI. It’s about how we use AI. Aesop is not a “naming robot”. Or an instant word generator. Or a related language miner.

Aesop leverages the power of generative AI in a very deliberate, guided and bounded fashion. Ensuring human-informed, commercial quality is delivered to everyone in need of a great name.

We are not here to displace the capabilities and originality of the human mind. We are here to deliver them to a much broader audience.