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That’s why we’ve catalogued and regularly publish our insights on naming across every dimension. What it is. Why it’s important. And how it can help you achieve your goals.

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From Ye Olde Fighting Cocks to Amazon

Names have the power to influence outcomes. To set intentions in a way that transforms them into reality. To contribute to the destiny of something or someone in a material way. We can see this in the history of naming children. Puritans often gave children what they...

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How a Great Name Deliberately Arranges ‘Word Types’

Every name, at its core, is the arrangement of its constituent ‘parts’ to result in a language construct that is either real, compound, or invented language. Real language is language that already exists in our collective vocabulary – like Dawn. Compound language is...

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“Negative” Language: Go or No Go for a Name?

It used to be the case that, when it came to brand names, words with any kind of negative associations were persona non grata. That’s why you don’t see them attached to many – or really any – companies founded over a decade or two ago. However, as the discipline of...

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How to Evaluate Naming Constructs

Constructing language is central to the mechanics of making names. When it comes to naming, there are three main language constructs: (i) real language, (ii) compound language, and (iii) invented (also known as coined) language. But how should you choose between them...

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Celebrating Emotional and Experiential Value Propositions

In the simplest sense, a value proposition is what makes your offering uniquely attractive to potential users. Given all the things they can choose from to meet a need, solve a problem or fulfill a desire, what makes the option you’ve made singularly compelling. Start...

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Value Propositions: The Base Camp of Great Names

"Our name can say anything. All that matters is that it stands out in market.” “Our name should sound catchy and cool. That will make people want to be a part of what we’re doing.” “Our name just needs to be associated with nice, positive things. It doesn’t really...

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Names Matter: Your Most Powerful Communications Tool

Whether you’re starting a business, launching a new product, or even kicking off a podcast – making something that didn’t exist before takes a lot. A lot of time. A lot of energy. Sometimes a lot of money. Not to mention a lot of logistical and mental load. It’s no...

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Why Great Names Are More Than Just Words

You had a great idea. You turned it into something amazing. Somethingpeople need and will enjoy. Something you’re ready to share with the world. It’s a huge deal. Creation is what redefines expectations. Removes boundaries. Reshapes society. And revolutionizes how...

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