Case Study: Graphic Design Business

Consider a graphic designer that prides themselves on crafting innovative, memorable artistic expressions. Their designs are extremely creative and personally tailored to their clients needs. An engagement with them is professional, refreshing and satisfying – making their clients feel inspired and more open to experimenting with new and different types of visual identity elements.

Here’s a handful of names and narratives created by Aesop.


Some of Aesop’s names make ownable builds on language related to visual arts to foreshadow a bold, imaginative design approach…

Onyx Angles

The name Onyx Angles perfectly encapsulates the offering of graphic design. Onyx is a strong and beautiful material, one that is used to make pieces of art. It also speaks to the idea of powerful, eye-catching, captivating visuals. The term Angles speaks to the precision and attention to detail this offering has, as well as the creative talent behind it. This combination of words conveys a sense of skillfulness and finesse, which is exactly what customers can expect from this offering.

Scarlet Crayon

The name Scarlet Crayon is an appropriate name for this offering because it perfectly symbolizes the creative, unique visuals that customers can expect from this graphic design offering. The word Scarlet evokes feelings of energy and passion, while the word Crayon implies a sense of imagination and possibility. Together, these words create a compelling image of creativity and expression. The combination of these two words also creates a memorable experience for customers that stands out from other professional services offerings.

Alpha Stripes

The name Alpha Stripes conveys a sense of boldness, creativity, and modernity. It captures the idea that the offering is pushing boundaries and is always ahead of the curve. The term Stripes also emphasizes the idea of a tailored, professional design, and implies that this offering will create visuals that are unique and stylish. Finally, the name Alpha Stripes is both memorable and catchy, making it instantly recognizable for customers looking for professional design.

While others use confident language associated with shape and color to suggest precise, attentive craftsmanship…


Palettize is an ideal name for this professional services offering because it suggests a creative palette of colors and designs that can be used to create dynamic graphics. It implies the use of color, shapes, and textures that will be used to create unique logos that will help businesses stand out from the competition. Additionally, the name implies simplicity and efficiency in creating graphic logos, making it an attractive offering for businesses looking to efficiently and effectively brand themselves.


Rhombus is an excellent name for this graphic design offering because it conveys the idea of creative designs that are both visually appealing and structurally sound. The Rhombus shape is associated with geometry, which reflects the need for a balance between structure and creativity. Additionally, the name Rhombus has an aesthetically pleasing sound and can easily be remembered.


The name Glintist alludes to a person with specialized expertise in graphic design—an individual that can bring glints of creativity, originality, and professionalism through their work. With this name, customers are able to identify the core values of the offering—professionalism and creativity—and understand how these values will be applied to their projects. Furthermore, the name Glintist is fun and memorable, making it easy for customers to remember and recall when looking for a professional graphic design service.

A handful use energized, light-focused language to paint a picture of bright, eye-catching design solutions…

Sunlit Helios

Sunlit Helios is an excellent name for this offering because it evokes a sense of warmth and creativity. The words Sunlit and Helios represent the sun, which is a powerful source of energy and life. By combining these words, the name implies that customers can use this offering to have access to creative power and enjoy bold designs. Finally, the name Sunlit Helios is memorable and easy to pronounce, making it a great choice for this offering.


Glisten is a great name for this offering because it captures the essence of the product. It conveys the idea that the graphic design will have a professional look that is both tailored and eye-catching. The word Glisten also has a positive connotation, evoking an image of bright visuals that stand out from the crowd. This is in line with the promise to deliver visuals that are innovative and unique. Glisten perfectly encapsulates all of these qualities, making it an ideal name for this offering.


Illumine is a great name for this offering because it evokes imagery of brightness and creativity. It suggests the feeling of illumination that comes from the high-quality visuals provided by the offering. It also gives customers the sense that the designs they receive will be tailored to their needs, as if an inner light has been revealed. The word itself harks back to its Latin root, “illuminare,” which means “to light up or shine upon.” Illumine captures the spirit of this offering which is bringing creativity and professionalism to life through stunning visuals.

A number use rich language to suggest distinct self-expression and individualized visual identities…


Outshine is an ideal name for this offering because it conveys a powerful message to potential customers. It implies that the services provided will be of a higher quality than what is currently available in the market, and that customers can expect to get the best results possible. Additionally, the name speaks to the idea of standing out from the competition, which is something all professional services providers should strive for. Furthermore, Outshine has a modern and sophisticated ring to it, which suggests that this brand is up-to-date with current trends and technologies. Finally, it is a memorable name that will stick in customers minds, making them more likely to consider your services over those of other providers.


Selfhood is the perfect name for this offering because it encapsulates the essence of what we are providing – a service that helps customers express themselves and create their own unique visual identity. Selfhood acknowledges the importance of individualism and uniqueness, while also emphasizing the power of self-expression. It reflects the concept that our graphic design services can help individuals create their own special visual identity that speaks to who they are and what they stand for. Selfhood encourages customers to explore their creative sides and push boundaries in order to create something truly unique and memorable.


Insigne is an excellent name for a graphic design offering because it implies distinction and standing out from the crowd. The name suggests that the services offered by the company will be of superior quality and provide customers with a unique, eye-catching design. Furthermore, Insigne implies that the company is reliable and trustworthy, which is important for any professional service. Finally, the word has a modern feel to it and communicates to potential clients that they are dealing with a forward-thinking business.

A few use sophisticated language to highlight an emphasis on strategically and tactically smart design decisions…


Conceptive is the perfect name for a professional graphic design offering because it conveys creativity and imagination. It suggests that the company offers services which are creative and conceptual, providing clients with innovative designs that capture their originality. It also implies a connection between the customers ideas and objectives, and the designs they receive. This will ensure customers come away with a product that truly reflects their own unique vision. In short, Conceptive is a name that helps customers envision their desired outcome as well as having it delivered in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Forethought is an appropriate and fitting name for a professional graphic design service because it implies that the design process requires careful and deliberate consideration. The name suggests that the designers have a strategy in mind when they create visuals and are taking the time to think through design decisions. It communicates that great results come from designing with intent, creativity, and purpose rather than simply throwing together random elements. It also reflects the idea that, while visuals may be aesthetically pleasing, they must also be meaningful and convey the right message to effectively connect with customers. Thus, Forethought is a powerful name for a graphic design service that emphasizes thoughtful planning and creative execution in order to create beautiful yet effective visuals.


Phormulate is a great name for this offering because it implies the concept of formulating something unique and personalized. The ph- sound is distinctive and memorable, and the word itself communicates the idea of creating a customized design. This suggests that the offering takes a professional approach – crafting logos with precision. Phormulate also implies an air of experimentation and creativity, thus making customers feel satisfied and uplifted. Ultimately, Phormulate captures exactly what this offering has to offer – tailored designs, professional visuals, and a unique experience.

While a couple use crisp, strong language to suggest a progressive perspective and modern design sensibility…


Fractals are an excellent metaphor for the complexity of graphic design. Just like a fractal, graphic design involves intricate details, patterns and shapes that ultimately form a complex whole. Fractals also evoke the idea that no matter how small a detail may be, it still plays an important part in creating something beautiful and unique. Furthermore, Fractals are self-similar; they are made up of elements that repeat themselves in different sizes and shapes, which is similar to how graphic designers use fonts and colors to create visual appeal. Finally, Fractals often represent ideas of constant growth and evolution – which is certainly relevant to design as trends change over time. Fractal is thus an ideal name for a professional graphic design service because it encapsulates the beauty, complexity and dynamism of this field.

Woken Twist

The name Woken Twist perfectly encapsulates the offering of graphic design services. The term Woken implies an awakening and a bursting to life of the visual identity, while the word Twist invokes a sense of creativity and unique perspective that is applied to each customers brand. This name conveys a sense of transformation, energy, and excitement to customers that they cant get anywhere else. It also speaks to the idea that customers can make their vision come alive with this special offering. The name is memorable and intriguing, making it stand out from other offerings in the professional services category.

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