Case Study: “Barely-There” Makeup Line

Consider a line of subtle, “barely-there” makeup designed to help bring out people’s natural beauty and coloring. The products brighten the complexion – creating a luminous and alluring glow that comes across as authentically radiant. The usage experience is pure and light – making the user feel fresh, happy and like a genuine goddess.

Here’s a handful of names and narratives created by Aesop.


Some of Aesop’s names use coined language that puts a modern twist on the idea of a bright complexion…


Skintillate is a great name for this offering because it emphasizes the idea of using subtle makeup to enhance ones natural beauty. It evokes a feeling of glowing skin that has been enhanced with just the right amount of makeup to bring out the best in it. The name also speaks to the idea of achieving a beautiful, natural glow without overdoing it with heavy products or unnatural colors. Skintillate conveys a message of subtle enhancement and natural beauty, making it the perfect name for this offering.


The name Glintist is a perfect fit for this offering because it encapsulates the experience of using subtle makeup. The Glint- part of the word speaks to the luminous effect that customers can expect from using the product. Additionally, the -ist suffix adds a sense of authority to the brand, which emphasizes its expertise in creating an authentic and glowing look. The combination of these two elements creates a name that communicates trust, beauty, and confidence—all attributes that customers can expect from this cosmetic.


The name Prismatix is an excellent choice for this offering as it encapsulates the different components of the offering in an elegant, memorable way. The word Prism invokes images of light being split into its component colours, which is a great metaphor for how this subtle makeup works by using skintone pigments to deliver delicate color and luminous complexion. Meanwhile, adding the suffix ‘-atix’ adds a sense of sophistication and scientific edge. Altogether, Prismatix is an ideal name for this offering that communicates its purpose in a creative yet professional way.

While others use gentler language that reflects the beauty and dimension of softly glowing skin…


Lambent is a great name for this makeup offering because it evokes the qualities of subtlety, luminescence, and elegance this product provides. The definition of Lambent is softly bright or radiant, which perfectly describes the delicate color and luminous complexion that customers can achieve with this offering. Furthermore, the word itself has a soft and gentle sound to it that reflects the gentle nature of the product. As such, Lambent is an apt name for this beauty product.


Glimmers is the perfect name for this barely-there makeup offering because it embodies the subtle yet luminous beauty that the product creates. Not only is it a word that conveys the notion of a shimmery, natural glow, but it also speaks to the products ability to add subtle glints and highlights to ones face without looking overdone or too heavy. Glimmers is short and sweet, and captures the essence of this product in just one word.


Beamy is the perfect name for barely there cosmetics because it conveys the idea of subtlety and natural beauty that the products offer. The word Beamy suggests that the products will bring a radiant, luminous glow to the wearers complexion, which is a key benefit of the cosmetics. It further implies that this brand will enhance a persons natural features in a way that looks effortless and not over-the-top. All of these reasons make Beamy an ideal name for barely there cosmetics.

A couple use vivid language pairings that capture the confidence and magnetism produced by a naturally vibrant look…

Lively Light

Lively Light is a great name for this offering because it promises a natural, glowing complexion that radiates with confidence. The combination of Lively and Light encapsulates the idea that subtle makeup can create a luminous and delicate look, as well as conveys that users can feel fresh and gorgeous. Additionally, the word Lively alludes to energy and vibrancy, which further reinforces the notion that this offering is empowering users to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Bright Charm

Bright Charm is a great name for this offering because it captures the beauty and subtlety of these products. The name emphasizes the luminous complexion, delicate colors, and skintone pigments that users can expect when they use the make up. It also implies a feeling of freshness and radiance that is associated with goddesses, creating a sense of confidence in customers who use it. Bright Charm is an eye-catching name that implies beauty and confidence to customers while staying true to the marketplace category of beauty.

A few use intriguing language that celebrates the exquisite allure of a fresh, clean appearance…

Untouched Porcelain

The name Untouched Porcelain is an excellent choice for this barely-there makeup offering because it conveys the idea of a delicate, natural beauty that is purely and subtly radiant. This name implies that the makeup will provide an effortless yet polished look, as if it were Untouched by any product. The Porcelain in the name brings to mind a smooth and glowing complexion, which is exactly what this offering promises. In addition, this name evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication. It communicates to customers that they can achieve a look that is both natural and exquisite with this product.

Pure Pearl

The name Pure Pearl captures the essence of this offering perfectly. It communicates a sense of sophistication, elegance, and natural beauty that speaks directly to the earthy goddesses this offering is designed for. The word Pearl evokes feelings of luxury and refinement, while the word Pure promises a product that is safe and free from harmful additives or chemicals. This combination perfectly encapsulates the feeling customers get when they use this barely-there makeup; a subtle, glowing hue that radiates natural beauty.


Unmask is a great name for this offering because it suggests revealing the true beauty that lies beneath the surface. This is the perfect name for a product that seeks to bring out natural beauty without being too obvious or heavy-handed. It reflects an effort to uncover and enhance natural beauty without covering it up, which is at the heart of this offering. Unmask also has a mysterious, magical undertone to it, making the product more intriguing and inviting.

A handful use metaphors that celebrate the captivating radiance of natural light…


Skylight is an excellent name for this barely-there makeup offering because it conveys the ideas of natural radiance and brightness. The name also brings to mind a feeling of being light and airy, which is perfect for a product that offers a fresh, natural look. Skylight is also reminiscent of a clear, open sky – symbolizing the open possibilities that come with wearing this makeup. Finally, the word “Skylight” implies something delicate and pure, which perfectly captures this offering’s focus.


The name Firewood is an excellent choice for this offering because it is a metaphor for something that is natural yet powerful, and this same description can be used to describe the beauty of barely-there makeup – its subtle and natural, yet has the power to bring out a persons best features. The name Firewood is also very fitting because it encourages people to embrace their natural beauty, rather than covering it up with excessive makeup.


AstralLake is a great name for this beauty offering because it perfectly captures the idea of barely-there makeup its light, airy, and weightless, like a lake reflecting the stars in the night sky. Additionally, Astral implies something of a mystical or spiritual quality to the product, reinforcing the idea that wearing barely-there makeup can make you feel like a star. Finally, the name is memorable and unique – it will help customers to remember and identify with your product.


Sunshine is a great name for this offering because it directly correlates to the experience that customers can expect when using barely there cosmetics. The word Sunshine is often used to refer to a natural, glowing look which perfectly fits with the idea of achieving a luminous appearance. Additionally, the word Sunshine can evoke feelings of warmth and happiness which is ideal for encouraging customers to feel fresh and gorgeous when using a barely there cosmetics products.

While others use refined language to honor the beauty brought by the makeup’s subtle, delicate touch…

Aero Plume

Aero Plume is a great name for this offering because it captures the light, airy feeling of the subtle makeup. The word Aero speaks to the delicate color pigments that deliver a luminous complexion, while Plume speaks to the soft, natural results that customers experience when using this offering. These words come together to form an elegant and graceful name that encapsulates the beauty and confidence that customers gain from using this subtle makeup.


The name Tiptoe is a great representation of the barely-there makeup look. It evokes a sense of delicacy, subtlety, and grace, which perfectly captures what this offering is all about – achieving a natural and effortless beauty. The name also conveys an air of playfulness and fun, which will appeal to those looking for a lighthearted approach to their beauty regime. Furthermore, the word Tiptoe implies something that is done lightly and carefully, which speaks to the gentle yet effective approach to makeup that this product provides.

Glossy Grace

The name Glossy Grace is a perfect fit for this offering of “barely there” cosmetics. It evokes the feeling of effortless beauty and gracefulness, the two things this offering is all about. The word Glossy is an excellent way to describe the luminous, glowing look that customers can achieve when using this product. And the word Grace lets customers know they can trust that this product will give them an authentic radiance that will make them feel fresh and gorgeous. All of these elements together make Glossy Grace a perfect name for this offering.

And a couple use creative language pairings to suggest natural yet energized color…

Dewy Paint

The name Dewy Paint evokes a sense of freshness and natural beauty that is perfect for a barely-there makeup offering. Not only does it capture the essence of radiant, glowing skin, but it also hints at the native hues that the product offers. The word Paint further conveys the idea that this offering allows customers to create a beautiful look with natural color and a bright complexion. By combining these two words, Dewy Paint perfectly encapsulates the promise of an effortless yet radiant look.

Cerise Bell

The name Cerise Bell is a great name for this offering because it conveys the barely-there makeup feel that customers are looking for. The word Cerise is French for cherry, which alludes to the. bright, natural blush of color this offering provides. The word Bell suggests lightness and airiness, suggesting an experience of freshness and happiness. Together, these two words capture the essence of this offering – natural color and bright complexion with a pure and light feeling.

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