Aesop deliberately delivers a wide range of names. Names built off diverse strategies. That tell a variety of stories. And reflect different language choices and construction styles.


Others use action-oriented language to foreshadow a lively usage experience and signal a dynamic shift in perspective…


Retinoid is a great name for this offering because it captures the essence of the product in a single word. The term Retinoid refers to any compound related to vitamin a, which is essential for vision and maintaining healthy eyesight. This is highly relevant for a virtual reality product, as it enables users to experience a vivid and realistic virtual world with higher visual clarity and detail. Furthermore, the term Retinoid also suggests something futuristic and cutting-edge, which further reinforces its association with this high-tech product. Ultimately, this makes Retinoid a fitting and memorable name for this offering.


The name Sensorium is a perfect fit for a virtual reality headset because it conveys the idea of creating a sensory experience. This evokes imagery of being fully immersed into an alternate reality, where sights, sounds, and other sensations are heightened. By using this metaphor for the products name, potential consumers will be able to easily understand what the product offers and why its special. Additionally, the name Sensorium is catchy and memorable, making it an ideal choice for a VR headset.


The name Cyborg encapsulates the power of this virtual reality headset and the ability to break away from reality and step into a new world. It also conveys the idea of a hybrid and futuristic technology that is both human and machine, physical and virtual, and real and unreal. This is an apt name for an offering that allows users to experience something otherworldly and immerse themselves in a world of virtual reality. The name also reflects the cutting-edge technology in this offering, which enables users to maximize their potential through its ai-retina feature, making them feel heightened and engaged.

Others use action-oriented language to foreshadow a lively usage experience and signal a dynamic shift in perspective…


Jumpable is a great name for this offering because it accurately captures the idea of escaping reality and immersing oneself in a virtual world. The word Jumpable implies the ability to leap into a different realm, which perfectly encapsulates the experience of using a VR headset. Additionally, the word is catchy and exciting, conveying to potential customers that they can experience something extraordinary and unexpected. It is also short and easy to remember, making it an ideal fit for this offering.


The name Toggle is a great fit for this virtual reality headset offering because it conveys the idea of being able to switch between two realities – the real world and the virtual world. The word Toggle also carries with it a sense of excitement and adventure, which accurately describes what customers can expect when they use this product. Additionally, the word Toggle has a technical connotation, which aligns with this product’s technologically advanced capabilities. Overall, the name Toggle successfully captures both the thrill and innovation of this virtual reality headset offering.


The name Unleash is an excellent choice for this offering because it evokes feelings of excitement, freedom, and joy. It suggests that customers are about to unlock the power of a VR experience that will transport them to an entirely new world. The word Unleash also implies that customers are being given the opportunity to explore and experience something completely different than their day-to-day reality; creating a sense of anticipation and adventure. Ultimately, this name encapsulates the essence of the offering – providing a unique and immersive virtual reality experience – in a single word, making it perfect for helping to market and promote this product.

A few use intriguing language to build anticipation around the idea of discovering and exploring entirely new worlds…


The name Otherworld for a virtual reality headset implies the idea of transcending reality and entering a new, alternate universe. This name conveys the sense of wonder, exploration, and adventure that comes with using this technology. It also implies the idea of escaping ones current reality to explore new worlds and engage in new experiences. This captures the essence of a virtual reality headset and provides an exciting and unique name that will stand out among other offerings.

Violet Rover

The name Violet Rover is a great name for this virtual reality headset offering for several reasons. First, the color Violet has long been associated with transcendence and a heightened sense of awareness, both of which are qualities this product strives to provide users. Additionally, the word Rover speaks to the idea of exploration and discovery – two concepts that are integral to virtual reality experiences. Finally, the combination of these two words creates an interesting and distinct name that stands out in the world of consumer electronics.

Reality Patron

The name Reality Patron is an ideal moniker for this virtual Reality headset offering since it alludes to the idea of a customer being able to escape Reality and patronize something new and exciting. The word Patron also implies that customers will be rewarded with a heightened experience, which could include immersive gaming experiences and ai-retina technology. The name can also signify the customer’s newfound appreciation for the latest advancements in hardware technology. Altogether, Reality Patron is an evocative name that speaks of escapism, high-quality experiences, and newness – all of which are key elements that make this offering truly desirable.

Or evocative language to pique curiosity around the power of imagination and its ability to take people beyond what confines them…


Figment is an excellent name for this hardware offering because it evokes feelings of imagination and creativity. The word itself is associated with something that has been conjured from one’s mind, an idea or thought made real. In the same way, this hardware is designed to bring ideas into reality, transforming them from mere concepts to tangible products. The name Figment also suggests the possibility of limitless possibilities and encourages users to explore and express their own creative vision. Finally, the name has a certain whimsy to it that makes it catchy and memorable.


The name Reverie is an excellent fit for this virtual reality headset offering. It perfectly encapsulates the idea of a virtual escape, and of experiencing a heightened sense of engagement and immersion in the virtual world. The name is easy to remember, conveys a sense of excitement and adventure, and is evocative of the products potential. Additionally, it has a whimsical quality that expresses playfulness and fun while hinting at a dreamlike nature. All these qualities make Reverie an ideal name for this virtual reality headset offering.


Conjure is a great name for this virtual reality headset because it captures the idea of using technology to create a completely immersive experience. By suggesting that the user can Conjure up whatever they want with the headset, it emphasizes its ability to create an alternate reality. It also creates an interesting contrast between modern technology and ancient magic, suggesting that the user is able to transcend time and space with the headset. Additionally, Conjure has positive connotations, such as summoning something out of thin air or calling upon a helpful spirit. All in all, Conjure captures the imagination and emphasizes what makes this product so special – its ability to create a virtual world that is completely different from our own.

While a couple use simple language to combat notions of complexity by suggesting a user-friendly yet fully immersive environment…


The name Surround for a virtual reality headset is an apt metaphor as it evokes the feeling of being completely immersed in a virtual world. The headsets 3d audio and visual capabilities offer users an experience that is far superior to the traditional flat-screened viewing experience, immersing them in a 360 degree virtual environment. By using the word Surround, potential customers will be able to visualize what the product offers and its ability to make them feel as if they are surrounded by this virtual world. Additionally, using the word Surround implies that the user will be able to fully engage with their environment, making it a perfect choice for this product.


Cube is a great name for this virtual reality headset because it captures the idea of a three-dimensional space, which is essential for immersive virtual reality experiences. The connotations of the word Cube also lend to the idea of a futuristic and innovative product, creating an image of something high-tech and modern. Additionally, the word Cube is easy to remember and catchy, making it an ideal choice for marketing purposes.

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